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Upgrade ProfExam Player to ProfExam Suite

Q:  I have purchased a license for ProfExam Player. Can I pay extra and upgrade to the full license for ProfExam Suit? A: Of course you can. You will need to pay only the difference between the prices. You can do that by visiting https://secure.avangate.com/order/checkout.php?PRODS=...

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Can ProfExam open .VCE files?

ProfExam Suite does not support files of the .VCE format. .VCE is a closed format used by Avanset VCE Exam Simulators. If you need to open the exam in ProfExam, you can import the exam. To do so: Convert VCE to PDF Convert PDF to EXAM

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How many computers can I install my copy of ProfExam?

You may install the software with a single license on up to 2 (two) computers (e.g. desktop and laptop, office and home, etc.), provided that both computers are used by the same person, and the software is not running on both computers at the same time; this is considered a valid concurrent use of...

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Is there a way to run the ProfExam without an internet connection?

I bought the ProfExam Player, but when I need to study I am not able to be connected to the internet. Is there a way to run the software without an internet connection?

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