Tasks or a set of tasks for testing

By Randy Del / Monday, May 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Tasks are one of helpful tools for conducting testing. Setting up Tasks allows:

  • Describe scenarios of user’s behavior
    Suppose you need to test certain scenarios or paths on a website, which real users follow on a regular basis.
    - Find a product on a website
    - Add to cart
    - Checkout
  • Ask the student to perform certain actions
    Sometimes it is necessary to challenge a student with certain tasks and see how the person deals with them. The tasks should not necessarily be ordered.
    For instance, tasks for testing word processing skills may include:
     - Add descriptions to images
     - Insert a table and format it
     - Generate a report
     - Save a document on a network drive
     - And so on.
  • Determine how much time it takes user to complete a task
    It’s often very important to cut the time required for completing one task or the other, as if it takes the majority of real users a great deal of time to complete, there is a great chance that in the real life it will never be fully completed.

In the article "Project and Session Management", you can find a detailed how-to guide on creating a Session and adding more tasks to the list.

A complete Task list can look something like this:



To get practical results from using Tasks, prior to starting a session please explain the student that they should complete the assignment and then click the Done button.

During testing, the upper part of the screen shows a small recording control toolbar. If the session being recorded also has a set of actions for the student, they will be available in that window.

  1. Action counter.
  2. Description of current action.
  3. If the description is too large, you can expand it in a separate window.
  4. Action completion and next action button.
  5. Test completion button.

Clicking the Done button replaces the current task with the next one from the list, and the time spent for completing the task will be saved for further analysis.


Session details

After a successfully recorded session, you can analyze how much time it took the user to complete one task or the other. To do so, select the session to be reviewed on the Sessions list, and its details will be opened at the bottom of the window.

On the screenshot you can see that the task "Download the latest version of the application" took 37 seconds, and the other tasks took between 10 and 19 seconds. That’s the first indicator that some problem or difficulty occurred when user was working on the task.


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